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Opportunity – The most exciting reason why I joined the Alleon Team.  An opportunity to work with a consulting firm, unlike any other than I have encountered.  Their approach is intriguing, and the results of their engagements are measurable and significant.  And how do they know this? They continue their work after the solution is developed to ensure it provides the intended results!  With 20+ years of experience working directly with clients to drive long-term, measurable business improvement, I knew this would be a perfect fit.

"An opportunity to work with a consulting firm, unlike any other than I have encountered."

A photo of Jeremy Krull. He is the VP, Business Development at the Alleon Group.
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More About Me

While I live in the “Land of 10,000 Lakes” in the Minneapolis area, I keep myself busy raising four beautiful children with my wife, Sarah. I’m a self-proclaimed personal development nerd; I am always up for reading an article or postings related to increasing productivity, managing tasks, morning/evening routines, time blocking, and maybe the occasional shout out to my favorite local teams; the Vikings and Golden Gophers.  My greatest weakness: potato chips.

Join me in this newest chapter in my professional career, and as I share my insights, learnings, operate in bold new ways, and continue my relentless quest to drive my personal and professional development. Let’s stay in touch.

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