Human Capital Management

Do you have a long-term printed payroll strategy, connected to client demand, that is aligned with your profitability objectives?


We are seeing the following within the Human Capital Management industry:

  • 20+% decline in YOY demand for printed payroll documents
  • Lack of visibility into the true costs (and revenues) of their current operation/service models
  • Changing customer preferences – High adoption rates around self-serve and paperless options
  • Technology advances such as on-demand pay and digital wallets
  • Dilution of overall margin objectives on printed payroll
Print & Mail Human Capital Management (HCM) print costs


To remain competitive, HCMs must create a long-term strategy that:

  • Aligns their printed payroll approach with current and future demand
  • Migrates from a fixed cost to a more variable model
  • Shifts resources and investment dollars to non-printed technologies and solutions


Our approach blends market expertise with a data-driven and fact-based strategy that drives:

  • Visibility into operational costs and commercial model
  • Double digit % cost-reduction and/or cost-avoidance
  • Production model aligned with declining customer demand
  • Long-term strategies built from stakeholders across the business
HCM Perspective, Alleon

Whether you outsource or insource, there is a tremendous opportunity to drive cost out of your organization and deliver enhanced lifetime value to your clients.

What strategies are you utilizing to increase value for the customer and margins internally?

Let’s discuss your current strategy and how you can optimize this area of your business. Please click the link below and one of our HCM consultants will contact you.

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