Leverage our knowledge and insights to realize your company’s potential. When Alleon Group works with an organization, we invest in their success. We become its strategic partner. By building a foundation of trust, transparency, and accountability, we craft a plan and process for the clients we serve to achieve optimal results. Our expertise includes, but is not limited to:

Strategic Sourcing

To optimize business processes, Alleon Group helps companies source strategic needs directly from the marketplace. Too often, organizations miss opportunities to create mutually beneficial partnerships during a sourcing event. With the Alleon Group approach, we help clients develop relationships that expand the sphere of influence beyond the typical customer/supplier relationship – changing it to a long-term partnership that makes sense for the client’s bottom line. This includes working with clients to rethink: the approach to sourcing strategic needs, the insights both parties should share, and how requests for proposal (RFPs) and contracts are created.

Supplier Relationship Management

Organizations often invest significantly in selecting a new strategic partner. But, the true value comes in managing the on-going relationship. Alleon Group helps our clients by ensuring that strategic partners and suppliers implement their contractual responsibilities, meet the agreed-to expectations and drive long-term value.

Process Optimization

Our comprehensive analysis of your business, culture and readiness for change may show that an internal restructuring, vs. outsourcing, will generate the right process optimization. We’ll give you options, help you implement the changes needed for the best solution, and make sure the new process lives up to its intended results and expected return-on-investment.

Go-To-Market Strategies

Alleon Group helps take a client’s products or services from concept to customer. We provide an understanding of their customers’ needs and preferences and how to attract, maintain, and grow relationships. This includes customer journey mapping – documenting your customer’s full experience with you based on each interaction and touchpoint.

Sales Effectiveness

How a business approaches a new prospect or expands a current relationship is key to deal creation. Often, organizations struggle to connect with their customers strategically or fail in how they express and present an optimal solution. In either case, their request for proposal (RFP) response often yields limited success. However, pitching a well-crafted alternative strategic approach before the RFP, or in response to it, can provide a customer with a more enticing solution. Our sales effectiveness methodology takes all of this into consideration and helps clients deliver profitable and sustainable deals, creating strong client relationships. Specific services include account planning and methodology, strategic sales training, assisting in RFP responses, developing proposals that contain optimal solutions, and helping advance the sales process.