2024 Postal Rates Update

What You Need To Know

The new U.S. postal rates get an increase this summer – here’s what you need to know. Make sure you are ready for how the postal rate updates will affect your business’s bottom line.

As of July 14, 2024, these changes include a 5-cent increase for First-Class Mail Forever stamps, raising the cost from 68 to 73 cents. Overall, mailing service prices will increase by approximately 7.8%. The adjustments are part of the USPS’s strategy to maintain financial stability. See the full breakout below:

2024 Postal Rates Updates

The additional-ounce price for single-piece letters increases from 24 cents to 28 cents. The Postal Service is also seeking price adjustments for Special Services products, including Certified Mail and money order fees. Notably, there will be no price increase for Post Office Box rental fees, and the Postal Service will apply a price reduction of 10 percent for postal insurance when mailing an item.
SOURCE: U.S. Postal Service

For more details on the postal rates increase, visit the U.S. Postal Service website.

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