Our Mission

We believe it is vital for companies to understand their customers, competitive advantages, and to utilize the most effective business processes. Our purpose is to help clients determine and invest in the best strategies to achieve their end goals.

A Photo of Courtney Allen. He is a one of the founders of the Alleon Group.

Courtney Allen

Managing Partner, Founder

Courtney’s career has included a progression of executive positions that set strategy and sales processes for key market segments. A creative thinker and innovative problem solver, Courtney is passionate about using industry insight and technology to help clients – large and small – differentiate themselves through new, disruptive processes.

A photo of Todd Leonard. He is one of the founders of the Alleon Group.

Todd A. Leonard

Managing Partner, Founder

For more than 25 years, Todd developed and led marketing, sales and operational teams that solved clients’ problems across all industries. Passionate about collaboration and transparency, Todd has created a unique process, trusted by clients and partners alike, that analyzes a company’s data, culture and market to find the best answers.

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