How Alleon is “Social Distancing”

As someone who grew up with acute asthma, I made one too many trips to the ER. I also have a young son who inherited my asthma. I am not taking any chances, minimizing our interactions, staying close to home, and paying close attention to our health.  However, the word “social” really trips me up.  Look, I realize it is semantics, and physical distance is paramount. But, now more than ever is not the time to be distant from each other – instead let’s reimagine what it may look like.

"Let's be resolved to connect even more as we manage through what the new normal may look like."

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You can ill afford to let the status quo remain in control when experiencing challenges within your most critical business processes.

Over the last ten years, I have had the space to move between remote and office work. Those who know me understand I am a social creature. Working shoulder to shoulder, jumping up to a dry erase board, or walking down the hall to run something by someone, all are a typical day for me.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my home office these days, but the thought of weeks on end has me a bit anxious.


In order to mitigate some of those anxious thoughts, I am reminded that my daily routine is even more important – here are a few of them that I have fallen into over the years:

    • My daily cup of coffee on the back deck (even if a few minutes before the kids awake)
    • Shower & dressed by the time I get to the desk (yes, sometimes shorts, but not PJ’s)
    • Lunch away from the office – don’t break this rule
    • A quick walk for fresh air
    • Boundaries at the “end” of the day to disconnect (OK, this is hard)

Each of our team members at Alleon Group has variations on the above routine.  But we are all going to be a bit more intentional on the following:

    • A few more video calls (see, I do have to shower!)
    • More calls versus emails*
    • Using Teams with clients to collaborate
    • Closely monitor how and when we watch the news
    • Make a few more personal calls during the day, just to check in with those that may not have opportunities to connect

* This works both ways – sometimes a simple email will do the trick.  However, I am still reminded almost daily that a simple phone call can minimize an endless, sometimes misconstrued email.

Let’s be resolved to connect even more as we manage through what the new normal may look like.  I will make a few more calls today, send a few more texts, and even take a few more minutes to write a hand-written note.  Let’s all be diligent with our physical space, but also about how about we connect.  Don’t be surprised if a team member from Alleon gives you a call, just to check-in.

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