Dr. Frances Bartlett Kinne – A Super Influencer Who Changed My Life

In life, we all have people that influence who we are.  Sometimes, there are a few that bubble up as “super influencers.”  I suspect most of us can only think of a handful of super influencers.  One of mine was Dr. Frances Bartlett Kinne, former president of Jacksonville University. When I was in high school, […]

You Don’t Say…

Here are some of my favorite cliché lines I hear – many of which I probably used in my past life. And, here is how I respond now that I am on the other side of the table.

Supplier Relationship Management – COVID-19

“Are you thinking about your Extended Critical Supply Chain?” Share This Article: Share on linkedin Share on facebook Share on twitter “The leading value streams are risk mitigation, collaborative innovation and program performance.” As many are trying to determine how best to operate amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, most businesses are internally focused.  Issues top of […]

Thermometer vs. Thermostat

A digital thermometer placed on a wall showing the temperature inside of a house.

Identifying the right providers early in the approach will determine if you are destined to find a Thermometer or a Thermostat.