4 for 2024 – Comprehensive Perspective

Challenges for the Print and Mail Business

In the dynamic print and mail industry, understanding the interconnected variables with a comprehensive perspective is essential for business success. At Alleon, we advocate for organizational leaders to strategically align their operations with market capabilities and long-term sustainability.

But how can you make informed decisions amidst the rapid pace of change, ensuring benefits for your bottom line, customers, and stakeholders?

Let’s peel back the layers with some key questions:

Customer Preference
What do our customers want?

In today’s fast-paced world, customers seek communication channels beyond print. Yet, many companies persist in pushing printed documents. Have you proactively asked your customers what they want or are you maintaining the status quo? Are there untapped digital opportunities? Take a step back with a strategic lens to understand the optimal communication channel for your customers. Not only can this enhance effectiveness and improve customers’ experience, but it may also lead to significant cost savings in print and postage.

Alternative Approach
Is there a different method?

Most likely, you’ll discover with the first question, that there is still a place for print in our digital world. But redefining how you manage your print and mail operations over time now becomes crucial. How do you adjust when demand changes? Do you have flexible internal capacity? Or, does your external provider allow accommodation for reduced demand?  Now is the time to reassess your print and mail operation in a different light. An effective strategy includes transitioning from a fixed model to a more variable one to manage future demand and print capacity. This could look like analyzing buying versus leasing printers, or staffing models that consider decreased print capacity over time. Or it may include looking at the marketplace to replace internal print capabilities.

Actual Expenses
What can be optimized?

Distribution expenses, covering postage and freight, make up a hefty 70% of printed communication costs. Yet, these costs are often just accepted without question. However, there exists untapped potential with a postage and freight strategy that extends far beyond print spend alone. Have you explored integrating innovative technologies? Are there efficiency gains or cost savings with a distribute-and-print approach? What about a decentralized printing solution? By optimizing these areas, you can significantly reduce distribution costs and enhance the overall efficiency of your printed communication strategy.

What can you add?

Marketing capabilities offer unprecedented avenues for targeted and personalized campaigns. This one-to-one approach offers opportunities such as tailoring content to individual preferences to leveraging cross-promotion and third-party advertising. Are you effectively utilizing print to showcase other products and services your company offers? Could you incorporate relevant marketing from complementary businesses to enrich your customer experience? By embracing cross-promotion, you not only amplify the impact of your communication but also open avenues for additional revenue streams. Imagine offsetting print and mail expenses through partnerships that enhance your brand presence and resonate with your audience.

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These practical strategies and questions begin your exploration into a comprehensive perspective for your print and mail business. Now, the question remains: how can you effectively implement these strategies?

These practical strategies and questions begin your exploration into a comprehensive perspective for your print and mail business. Now, the question remains: how can you effectively implement these strategies?

Stay tuned for our next article, “Mastering Complexity – Client Success Stories,” exploring how strategic frameworks, such as the Alleon 4-Step Process, can further enhance organizational resilience and agility in the print and mail sector.

Until then, we’d love to hear from you. How do you utilize a comprehensive perspective in your business decisions?

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